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  • Big Hairy Tunes

    Weeknights at 9pm slide on the Spandex, Big teased hair, spandex, tasseled leather jacket and full make up. It’s Big Hairy tunes, 5 songs from the era of Stadium Rock.
  • Homebrew

    Our folk and traditional music is a predominant fibre in the cultural fabric of Newfoundland and Labrador. The songs, the stories, the music passed down through the generations, and the new generations of songwriters, storytellers and musicians that keep the tradition alive and strong. The Homebrew Show is a music intensive, four hour celebration featuring […]
  • Saturday in BIG TOM'S Shed

    Call 1-855-424-ROCK to make your request The Kettle There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea in the Shed.  Every Saturday JLac is steeping some great classics inside the Kettle.   Anytime you hear the Kettle boil call the ROCK Line 738 ROCK, 1 855 424 ROCK and get the chance to win great prizes. The […]
  • Triple Play

    Listen to K-Rock weekdays at 3:00pm for the K-Rock Triple Play. It’s 3 songs with a common theme. See if you can guess it!

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March 11 2019 , 12:26:00 • Grand Falls-Windsor