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Our folk and traditional music is a predominant fibre in the cultural fabric of Newfoundland and Labrador. The songs, the stories, the music passed down through the generations, and the new generations of songwriters, storytellers and musicians that keep the tradition alive and strong.

The Homebrew Show is a music intensive, four hour celebration featuring homegrown originals from Newfoundland and Labrador rooted in the influences of celtic and traditional folk music.

You’ll hear local artists such as Shanneyganock, the Irish Descendants, the Ennis Sisters, Matthew Byrne, Navigators, and Simani with a sprinkling of artists from elsewhere.

It’s a craic of a ceilidh. Listen and enjoy. Sunday mornings from 8 to 1.

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February 22 2019 , 5:24:00 • Grand Falls-Windsor