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Saturday in BIG TOM’S Shed

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The Kettle

There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea in the Shed.  Every Saturday JLac is steeping some great classics inside the Kettle.   Anytime you hear the Kettle boil call the ROCK Line 738 ROCK, 1 855 424 ROCK and get the chance to win great prizes.

The Shed Six Pack

Every Saturday at 6pm Krock sits back and enjoys a 6 pack.  6 songs selected for you.  Keep track of all the songs in the Shed 6 pack and you could win some great prizes.  Listen starting 6pm on Saturday and keep track of the songs.  When you hear number 1 (last song in the 6 pack) call the ROCK Line 738 ROCK or 1 855 424 ROCK.  Identify each song in the Shed 6 pack and win!

Todays’s Weather

February 22 2019 , 5:24:00 • Grand Falls-Windsor